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Commercial Radiant In-floor Heating Systems

One of Shawn Robinson Refrigeration’s specialties is commercial radiant in-floor heating systems. These systems use durable tubing installed under or in the floor to circulate heated water that radiates heat into the room. A radiant system uses no ducts that blow around dirt, dust or allergens. It can be used with any kind of flooring. We install in-floor heating using systems supplied by Uponor.

In-floor heating provides the most comfortable interior heating imaginable. The heat is even throughout a room, radiating from the floor where people are, rather than blowing around the ceiling. There are no fans or blowers, so the system is quiet and clean. There are no drafts and if you store machinery used outside, the cold from the machinery is not circulated through the room.

What’s more, in-floor heating will save you money. Water has a much greater ability to transport heat, so it can heat a room using less energy than forced air. Instead of large fans blowing warm air all day, the warm water is moved with small pumps.

Complete Heating Unit Installations

Enjoy the most comfortable interior heating imaginable.

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